Aktuarwissen für Afrika e.V.

Actuarial Sciences for Africa (ASA)

Sciences Actuarielles pour l’Afrique (SAA)

Volunteers serving the promotion association

Dedication to common welfare is by no means a matter of course. But the readiness to do it still overwhelming. Approximately one third of Germans are willing to contribute his part to the welfare. Volunteers are the core pillar of our project.

Why volunteers engaging for the association?

There are a lot of reasons why people like you help us:
  • to extend one's abilities
  • to establish a network
  • to contribute to the sustainable development in Africa
  • etc.
We are convinced that one or more reasons are applicable for you to help us.

Here are the comments of some volunteers:

Gabriele van Empel The reasons for my support of "Actuarial Sciences for Africa (ASA)" are quite simply summed up in these two proverbs:
„An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest", Benjamin Franklin (the economic perspective).
"We have to learn a lot in order to be able to enquire about the things we do not know", Jean-Jacques Rousseau (the philosophical perspective).
Gabriele van Empel (AxA Service AG, Cologne)  

Carmen Zelder In my opinion possibilities to gain a good education are essential to the independence of the developing countries. Therefore, I consider the project an important component for the sustainable development and support the great engagement of Mr. Moussa.
Carmen Zelder (Dipl.-Vw., RheinLand Versicherungsgruppe Neuss)  

Dedea Raymond, Awassi
A very innovative development project that deserves support!
I am pleased to be able to support it in form of website construction.

Dédéa Raymond Awassi (M.Sc., Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC) GmbH München)

Edmund Yamoah-Kyei
I find the project very future-orientated and visionary. That's why I am happy and consider it a privilege to be able to contribute my part. You can trust me at any time. The Continent Africa needs such initiatives and we wish Mr. Moussa and his team wholeheartedly all the best for this creditable project.
Dr. med. Edmund Yamoah-Kyei; 33617 Bielefeld