Aktuarwissen für Afrika e.V.

Actuarial Sciences for Africa (ASA)

Sciences Actuarielles pour l’Afrique (SAA)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Actuary?

Actuaries apply financial and statistical theories to solve real business problems. These business problems typically involve analysing future financial events, especially when the amount of a future payment or the timing of when it is paid, is uncertain. A lot of actuaries’ work might be thought of as ‘risk management’, assessing how likely an event may be and the costs associated with it.
  • http://www.actuaries.org.uk/
  • Where do Actuaries work?

    The traditional areas in which actuaries operate are: life and general insurance and pensions, investment and consultancy. Actuaries are also increasingly moving into other areas of the financial sector where their analytical skills can be employed.
  • http://www.actuaries.org.uk/
  • Is „Actuarial Sciences for Africa“ an Actuarial Society?

    No, „Actuarial Sciences for Africa“ is not an actuarial society, but the association aims to establish a professional actuarial education in Western Africa.